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The 2008-2010 edition of the Standards of Perianesthesia Nursing Practice has ... This publication is designed to support perianesthesia nurses across the ...

ASPAN Standards

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These Standards encourage flexibility in response to emerging issues and technologies in healthcare, patient safety in clinical practice, application of research concepts as well as concepts of educational excellence. This year, the Standards will host two new important position statements: one on Geriatrics and one on Advocacy.

Following the basic principles of ASPAN's Evidence Based Research Model, we are pleased to offer an updated and integrated text including standards, resources, guidelines, and position statements. We are very pleased to present updated sections of the Standards that were reviewed for evidence in collaboration with members of the ASPAN Evidence Based Practice Committee. These sections include the Resource on Safe Transfer of Care, A Position Statement on “On Call/Work Schedule” (with a newly designed fatigue checklist included as a resource) and A Position Statement on Visitation in Phase I Level of Care. Resource 2 (previously Resource 3 on Patient Classification/Recommended Staffing Guidelines) offers additional clarification related to emerging staffing and patient acuity issues.


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