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Can My Camp Nurse Do That? | American Camp Association

"My nurse told the parent that she wouldn't give the medication unless she had the prescription in its original container. The Mom was just trying to help by putting the meds in one of those weekly plastic containers. " "My RN picked up the phone and took the doctor's order by talking to him.

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Transplant Nursing - Nursing Link

Transplant nurses work with patients who receive kidney, liver, pancreas, heart, lung, small bowel and combination transplants. Transplant nurses also care for living donors, the family members, friends and occasional strangers who donate organs to patients in need. Demand for organ transplants – and qualified transplant nurses – is high.

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Cardiac nursing is dedicated to treating and caring for patients with a variety of heart diseases or conditions. Learn more about what cardiac nurses do and how to become one.

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ACRN/AACRN Certification - Association Of Nurses In AIDS Care

Official website for the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, featuring nursing news, professional development and continuing education for nurses in HIV/AIDS care.
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This guide to becoming an Occupational Health Nurse covers the following. Salary, Job Description, Education,Certification and Licensing and Job Outlook

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One of the things that makes nursing a fascinating field is its wide range of opportunities. Depending on your personality, skill set and willingness to continue schooling, you can specialize in any number of ways. Some registered nurses choose to focus on research, while others become administrators or highly.